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Re: question about Generating Prerequisites Automatically

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: question about Generating Prerequisites Automatically
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 07:27:05 -0400

%% Lin George <address@hidden> writes:

  lg> Why in the sample you made, when bar.o is deleted,
  lg> then it will not be remade when we make prog again? I
  lg> think the target prog needs bar.o and bar.o does not
  lg> exist -- so it should be remade. Any rules mentioned
  lg> in GNU make manual prevents it from being remade?


It's not remade because I declared it to be intermediate:

  > prog: foo.o bar.o
  > .INTERMEDIATE: foo.o bar.o

And I did this because you asked why make didn't treat all targets in
the way it treats intermediate targets, to avoid extra compilation:

  lg> Another comment is that, I think the way how make deals with
  lg> intermediate files is smarter than the way dealing with ordinary
  lg> files -- by saving time of remaking unnecessary files. So, why
  lg> make does not change the way dealing with ordinary file to the
  lg> (smarter) way dealing with the intermediate file?

I'm showing you how this wouldn't work.

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