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Re: some (trivial) observations on multi-arch builds

From: David Greene
Subject: Re: some (trivial) observations on multi-arch builds
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 12:07:49 -0500
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Greg Chicares wrote:

> Why does it seem good to simplify VPATH by moving complexity
> elsewhere? Would it be possible to write an all-inclusive vpath
>   all_source_directories := srcdir0 srcdir1 srcdir2...
>   vpath %.c $(all_source_directories)
>   vpath %.h $(all_source_directories)
> instead? The only problem I can see is that files in different
> source subdirectories might share the same names; but wouldn't
> it seem better to avoid that anyway?

Yes, files with the same name is exactly the probblem.

I don't have control over how all the files are named, as the
modules are developed by separate groups.  My goal is to make
the build system as flexible as possible, so that development
groups don't have to worry about details like this.


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