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RE: serial vs parallel for ar

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: RE: serial vs parallel for ar
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:34:13 -0400

%% "PATTON, BILLY \(SBCSI\)" <address@hidden> writes:

  pb> No, that won't work either.  If the user does a make proj+bb+topic
  pb> the rule proj+bb will be bypassed and no archive updates will be
  pb> performed.

  pb> When ar is accessing the file can I have it lock the file and have
  pb> other process wait for the lock to be free'd?  But this will
  pb> result in serial processing.  what I don't need to do.

You still haven't provided the single most important (possibly _ONLY_
important) piece of information:

What does the rule to build the archive look like?

If you're having problems with a target being built multiple times you
need to show us THAT rule.  It doesn't help to show us other, only
vaguely related rules.

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