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Re: Problem with MOC-related (Qt) objects

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Problem with MOC-related (Qt) objects
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:44:39 -0400

%% Cesar Crusius <address@hidden> writes:

  cc> Ah, thanks. Sorry I forgot to mention it was 3.80. That explains
  cc> it.  Unfortunatly I can't upgrade the company's computers,

Often it's useful to keep the build environment in a completely
separate, controlled installation area rather than relying on whatever
version the vendor happens to ship.

  cc> but a little hack will take care of it.

In the past when I've wanted directories created "on the fly" I've
simply used the $(shell ...) function to do it, as in:

    MKDIRS += $(objdir)/moc

    __dummy := $(shell for d in $(MKDIRS); do [ -d $$d ] || mkdir -p $$d; done)

or whatever.

This has the disadvantage of always creating all directories, even if
they're not used, but the advantage that you never need to worry about
making sure they're created in the correct order.

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