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how to pass the error status of a submake to a parent make

From: Geraldin Arthy
Subject: how to pass the error status of a submake to a parent make
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 13:46:44 +0530

Dear all,
Currently i'm invoking a make from an ant build file using the ant exec task.
But even though there are errors in make the ant displays as if the build is suceesful.
When i asked the ant forums thry replied me that ant will take the final return code of make which in my case is successful.
I want to know how to pass the error status of a submake to the parent make which means even if the submake has errors the parent make should exit and it should not build other directories.
For example my make displays like this
Built subdirs: src successfully!
ar crs ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/libexpat.a ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmlparse.o ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmlrole.o ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmltok.o
cc -G  ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmlparse.o ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmlrole.o ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/xmltok.o -o ../../../pdf_src/build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat/
make[4]: Leaving directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdfcore/expat'
cd src && make -e -w
make[4]: Entering directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdfcore/src'
CC -features=%all -mt -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS -c -xO2 -DNDEBUG -KPIC  -DSOLARIS -L../../build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/expat -I/usr/local/include -I. -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/api/ -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/controller/ -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/dict/ -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/fsm/ -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/message/ -I../../../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC/utility/ -I../../pdfgq/ -I../../pdfgx/ -I../../pdfcommon/src/ -I../../pdf/src/ -I../../pdfpktmm/ -I../../pdfpktmm/pktmm2/ -I../../pdfpktmm/pktmm3/ -I../../pdfpktmm/pktmm4/ -I../../pdfpktmm/pktmmobjects/ -I../../pdfgo/ -I../expat/src CCoPktMMGateReportStateProcessor.cxx -o ../../build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/pdfcore/CCoPktMMGateReportStateProcessor.o
"../../pdfpktmm//CPktMM4ConnNotify.h", line 129: Warning: pdfpktmm::CPktMM4RKSEntry::toString hides the virtual function pdf::CPdfObject::toString() const.
"../../pdfpktmm//CPktMM4ConnNotify.h", line 267: Warning: pdfpktmm::CPktMM4ConnNotify::toString hides the virtual function CPktMMMsg::toString() const.
"CCoPktMMGateReportStateProcessor.cxx", line 31: Error: There is extra text on this line.
1 Error(s) and 2 Warning(s) detected.
make[4]: *** [../../build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/pdfcore/CCoPktMMGateReportStateProcessor.o] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdfcore/src'
make[3]: *** [../build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/pdfcore/] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdfcore'
make[2]: *** [../../build/PCS_2.0/release/SunOS/5.8/sparc-32/pdfcore/] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdf/src'
Built src
Built subdirs: src successfully!

make[1]: Leaving directory `/vobs/pdf_src/pdf'
Built pdf
Built subdirs: pdfcommon pdfgo ../ims_cxif/DiameterApiRFC pdfgq pdfgx pdfpktmm pdfcore pdf successfully!
So I want to know how to pass the return code of a submake to the parent make?
Please let me know as early as possible.
Thanks in advance,

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