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Re: (no subject)

From: sqweek
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 15:41:24 +0800

Does your c/c++ compilation rule include $(DEFINES) in its command?
I don't know nmake and couldn't find any documentation on whether
DEFINES is a standard variable name there, but it certainly isn't in
gnumake. (CPPFLAGS is though...)

On 08/06/06, Tobias Contreras <address@hidden> wrote:

Unfortuanatly I don't know what information I need to provide for this problem.

In my makefile I have


Variable HW_USB_CORE can be assigned as (USB_CORE_1,  USB_CORE_2,  USB_CORE_3)

When I compile I get an error from one of my header files that tries to compile
 #error USB not supported on this processor!

  #ifndef __USB_H_
#define __USB_H_

#if defined( USB_CORE_1 )
 #include "herc_usb.h"
#elif defined( USB_CORE_2 )
 #include "herc32_usb.h"
#elif defined( USB_CORE_3 )
 #include "msm_usb.h"
 #error USB not supported on this processor!


I used $(warning) to tell me the contents of DEFINES and it shows –DUSB_CORE_1

So why then does it give me an error as if it isn't Defined.

 Once again I am converting from NMAKE to GNUMAKE and it worked in NMAKE so I 
am not sure what other GNUMAKE related changes are missing that would cause a 
problem like this.

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