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Re: How do i write this using old gmake?

From: Maxim Yegorushkin
Subject: Re: How do i write this using old gmake?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 19:06:18 +0100
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Rajanikanth T - TLS, Bangalore wrote:

Hi all,

I am using old gmake which doesn’t support the new function $(if

Can some one tell me how can write the below piece of code without using $(if function.

>>>>>>>>> Code Start >>>>>>>

/# here I get local paths based on .c or .cxx files available/

/INC_DIR_LEVELS = inc */inc */*/inc */*/*/inc */*/*/*/inc/

/SRC_DIR_LEVELS = src */src */*/src */*/*/src */*/*/*/src/

/SRC_EXT = c cxx/

/INC_EXT = h hpp/

/CODEMGR_WSDATA = Codemgr_wsdata/

/ /

/ALL_LOCAL_SRC_PATHS = $(foreach DIR, $(SRC_DIR_LEVELS), $(wildcard $(LOCAL_BASE_DIR)/$(DIR)))/

/ /

/NO_CODEMGRS_SRC = $(foreach path, $(ALL_LOCAL_SRC_PATHS), \/

/ $(*if *$(findstring $(CODEMGR_WSDATA),$(path)),,$(path)))/

/ /

/LOCAL_SRC_PATH += $(foreach path,$(NO_CODEMGRS_SRC), \/

/                   $(foreach ext,$(SRC_EXT), \/

/ $(*if* $(findstring .$(ext),$(wildcard $(path)/*.$(ext))),$(path))))/

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Code End  <<<<<<<

Try ${filter ...} function instead of if.

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