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Re: command line limitation

From: ma
Subject: Re: command line limitation
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 10:45:54 +0100

"Maxim Yegorushkin" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
> ma wrote:
>>     I have a make file that is automatically generated. It that makefile, 
>> I have a variable that is very long. It is around 88K long. When I am 
>> trying to pass it to any function (ar for example), the operating system 
>> complains that the command line is too long. The other way is to put this 
>> variable in a text file and call ar in this way:
>> ar @a.txt
>> The problem is I don't know how I can write this variable into a file? I 
>> can't use something such as echo $(Long_Var) >a.txt since then the 
>> command line to echo is too long. Is there any way that I can do in 
>> gmake? Is there any function in gmake that help to write a variable into 
>> a file?
> You could output the variable word by word to a file:
> words = a b c d
> foo :
>         @for w in $(words); do echo -n "$$w " >> $@; done
> And then feed the words from the file to ar as command line arguments 
> using xarg utility.

Thanks Maxim,

    It is a very nice trick.

I wrote a batch file as follow and it was working well:

for %%w in (a b c d); do echo  "%%w"  next word >>test.txt ;done

The only problem that I have is that it echoes put a new line after each 
word. I don't know what is '-n' switch to echo as it doesn't work for me. 
When I am trying to use it, a -n will be appear in my text.txt file before 
each word.

I removed -n and add it to my make file. And change it a little and now it 
is working.

the structure of make file is as follow:

lib_modul= a0001.obj a.0002.obj a.0003.obj ....# there are more than 1000 
object in this line

lib: $(lib_module)

    for %%w in ($(lin_module)); do echo  %%w  >>test.txt

If I remove a lot of entries from lib_module, it is working well but when 
all entries are there, it doesn't work and the error is: input line is too 

Any suggestion on how I can solve this?

Can I write the value of a make variable into a file without relaying on 
shell functions?

Can I write a C program that does this?

Can I redirect a make variable to a dos file or command? For example can I 
do something such as this?

$(lib_module) | copy con test.txt

In this way since copy get data from console, it shouldn't crash. I hope cmd 
doesn't crash in this case!

Best regards

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