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Re: Improvement on parallel make

From: Brendan Heading
Subject: Re: Improvement on parallel make
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 13:10:46 +0000

Christophe Lyon writes:

all-local: $(whatever local targets are)
The main thing I assume here may be that you "inherit" this Makefile from an
external project, on which you may have little influence. You want to
improve the build time but can't afford to re-write the whole set of

Yup. Most of the code I deal with is third party source, exactly as you say. It's fairly straightforward to create a rule with the appropriate dependencies which goes off and builds the third-party Makefile accordingly. If it really comes down to it, you can use .NOTPARALLEL. I've never had a reason to need a .WAIT, and I guess that's true for a lot of other people too. Brendan

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