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Re: Filtering ${.VARIABLES} ?

From: Frazer Worley
Subject: Re: Filtering ${.VARIABLES} ?
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 10:46:59 -0400

Could you clarify your terminology?  The info pages use "simple
variable" to refer to variables set with ":=", but that doesn't appear
to be how you're using it.  Similarly, "macro" is just a synonym for
"variable", so I don't understand your distinction between "user
defined macro" and "simple variable".

Sure, by simple I meant non-macro (function) type variable.

I was variables assigned values using =, +=, := and ?= expanded, but not macros.

>  This becomes an issue when I extend dumpvars to report the value of the
> variables its reporting, I get Make errors when dumpvars issues
> $(info $i = $($i)) on some of my macros.

That's probably because the variables contain further variable or
function expansions.  Try $(info $i = $(value $i))

Right ... but this wouldn't do the expansion of the variable for me.

I've gotten it work - but prefixing all my macros with '_' and filter-out'ing
them ....


Philip Guenther

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