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Re: how to do recursive "subsystem" make properly?

From: Stephan Beal
Subject: Re: how to do recursive "subsystem" make properly?
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 23:51:58 +0100

2009/11/3 Paul Smith <address@hidden>
Another is to use order-only prerequisites and make the subdirectories
be order-only prereqs instead of normal prereqs, so that the targets
don't get rebuilt (see the GNU make manual for more info).

Out of curiosity: doesn't this also assist in making subdir rules friendly with parallel builds? i _seem_ to remember using order-only deps to ensure that certain subdirs are only built after prerequisite subdirs, even in the face of "make -j2".

Or am i mistaken on that point?

----- stephan beal

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