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Re: help: conversion from nmake to gnu make

From: Eric Melski
Subject: Re: help: conversion from nmake to gnu make
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 09:34:12 -0800
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Subramanian Olagappan wrote:

I am trying to convert a nmake Makefile to gnumake Makefile. Can someone help 
me to convert this code snipet to gnu compatible one

!if "$(LEVEL)"<"0" || "$(LEVEL)">"2"
!       error Level is not valid!

This looks like Microsoft NMAKE. In general, MS NMAKE has a much more expressive syntax for expressions like this, so you may have some difficulty converting. However, in this particular case, I think the following GNU make syntax is equivalent:

ifneq ("$(LEVEL)","1")
    $(error Level is not valid!)

Hope that helps,

Eric Melski
Electric Cloud, Inc.

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