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Re: was: RE: auto-dep cannot possibly work?

From: Mike Shal
Subject: Re: was: RE: auto-dep cannot possibly work?
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 23:29:48 -0500

On 12/14/09, Paul Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
>  There are a range of possible solutions: at one end is the magical
>  holy grail where exactly what is needed to be rebuilt is rebuilt, no
>  more and no less, automatically by make without user intervention under
>  every situation.  That is what Mark was trying to find.  At the other
>  end of the spectrum is throwing away make and having a shell script that
>  just builds everything every time.  That also gives you the right
>  answer, so both are "objectively correct".  That doesn't mean they are
>  both "right".

While I certainly can't speak to "every situation", tup
( is able to handle at least this particular
situation by rebuilding exactly what needs to be rebuilt. That is, if
a new header is introduced somewhere in the include path, only those
files that tried to include it will be recompiled.

For other situations where tup doesn't produce the right answer, I
consider those to be be bugs (and I'm sure there are many...)


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