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how to know all the strings defined

From: ranjith kumar
Subject: how to know all the strings defined
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 20:34:07 +0530


1) I have a make file which include many other files, with definitions like
               DIR = /home
               USER = ranjith
How to know all the strings defined in the above  manner?
I tried "make -d". It is not printing that information

2) Below a dependency rule
           all : main
                @echo "compiling main.cpp"
                 @g++ main.cpp

What is the significance of "@" ??
Becuse of it, when I run make file it is not printing the compilation command
"g++ main.cpp" on the screen?

How to get that on screen without modifying the make file?
Is it possible by redirecting to anotherfile like "make 2>output
1>output" ???????
Thanks in advance.

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