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Link called only if all other actions are completed

From: Erik Rull
Subject: Link called only if all other actions are completed
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 18:24:00 +0200
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Hi all,

I don't understand the following behavior of my makefile.

The relevant snippet is as following: file1.o file2.o file3.o ...
        $(LD) ... file4.o file5.o file6.o ...
        $(LD) ...

[and so on, finally 8 targets]


I compile make with - j5:

make -j5 all_targets

What happens: all .o's get compiled and only then the linking elements get executed one after another (and not simultaneously!). None of the targets share .o files.

What I would expect: after all .o's of one target are completed the linker of this target should get executed.

Am I right here or is there some other dependency rule that make takes into consideration?

Please help me to understand this sequence.


Best regards,


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