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Re: intermediate files

From: Noel David Torres Taño
Subject: Re: intermediate files
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 10:36:42 +0100
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On Jueves 21 Octubre 2010 08:19:55 ali hagigat escribió:
> Dear Oleksandr Gavenko,
> In the makefile you wrote, the file, '', seems a regular file
> you created! It does not seem to be an intermediate file created by
> make.
> I wonder if Mr.Paul Smith can verify that and please mention when
> exactly make creates an intermediate file by a simple example.
> Thank you.

Can't you read the simplest Makefile?

The intermediate file in the example is my.c

It is needed by the second rule, and created by the first.

Are you really looking for help or just trying to get us upset with you? Why 
don't you try and contract a personal professor?

I recognize that answers to some of the questions you have asked are not 
evident, but they are easy if you a) understand how make works and b) learn to 
read english. Which is your english proficency level? Do you really understand 
what make does and how it works in the big picture?

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