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Re: Help copying & renaming file names

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: Help copying & renaming file names
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 17:31:44 -0500

On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 10:31 -0800, samantha domville wrote:
> Hi - I have an include directory with many .h files. I need to create a rule 
> which is a SINGLE line to loop through all *.h files in the include directory 
> to 
> create a HEADER list (below) instead of manually creating the list.
> HEADER    +=  a.hh
> HEADER    +=  b.hh
> HEADER    +=  c.hh
> ....
> So I need a foreach loop which loops through all the include/*.h files, and 
> appends them with a .hh and adds them to the HEADER += .  list. Possibly 
> something like this, which I will mess up but anyway:
> $(foreach i, $(INCLUDE_DIR)/%.h )
>     HEADER += $(@:%.h=%.hh)
> please help, thanks

I'm assuming that these .h files already exist; that is they're source
code and not derived objects created as part of the build.

If so, can't you just use:

        HEADER := $(patsubst %.h,%.hh,$(wildcard $(INCLUDE_DIR)/*.h))

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