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Re: hidden dependencies

From: Krzysztof Cieniuch
Subject: Re: hidden dependencies
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 18:32:37 +0000
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Warlich, Christof wrote:

I had to write a new build system using GNU make only for a rather complex and 
big project which had a
really werid and unmaintainable build system nailed up from a bunch of perl 
scripts and a few makefiles.

As everything was almost finished now, I just gave GNU make's -j option a try. 
Doing so, I had to learn that I
obviously missed a dependency here and there, not causing issue so far as make 
generated everything in
a certain sequence that made everything availabe in time more or less by 
coincidence of doing things in the
right sequence.

While it is no problem to fix my build system to include these missing 
dependencies, I wonder that there may
still be more missing dependencies "under the hood", which may show up any 
time, e.g. whenever timing
changes during a parallel build of when rules are reordered.

My question: Is there a generic best practice approach to find all existing 
dependencies that are hidden
by a more or less arbitrary build sequence?

Thanks for any ideas,

Help-make mailing list
If you are using recursive make then the answer is no it is not possible even on "make level" google for document "Recursive Make Considered Harmful" your parallel builds will randomly fail
and the risk of failing will increase as you increase number of jobs.

But even if you do not use recursive make then getting automagically all build internal dependency information is pretty much out of scope
of make e.g. simple scenario: generated sources.
If somewhere in the build you generate code and in other parts you include generated headers make obviously won't
detect source code dependencies that only C/C++ preprocessor knows of.
If during build you automatically generate dependency info as described on Paul Smith pages after full build you could then grep all dependency info and see which modules depend on generated headers and then add that dependency explicitly but any change in source code (i.e. adding in any source file #include for generated file) would require
updating manually dependency information.
Each set of tools can potentially have different type of internal build dependencies that are hard to predict until build failure.

I'm very interested in this subject. In my project we have generated code for rpc interfaces and corba plus there is perl tool that generates some xml files. In Makefiles this dependency must be explicitly specified by developer there is special variable that defines generated sources deps e.g. t1_GSRCDEPS:=generated_srcs_id (there is advanced resources definition mechanism in place so in makefiles you do not use source file names just
some magic ids :-) defined elsewhere)
I didn't figure out how to automatically at build time detect and issue an error if some module is missing dependency information.


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