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RE: another really dumb question

From: Mark Galeck (CW)
Subject: RE: another really dumb question
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 11:14:45 -0800

Paul,  I am actually happy to say that I did follow the same logic as you had 
carefully explain, and I appreciate very much taking your time.  

So, what I don't understand, is that, when make expands FOOBAR, in the inner 
call to "call", then yes the result is the empty string, but as a side effect, 
"bar" should be printed to stdout, because $(FOO) is expadnded to "bar" and 
that is given to info.  

>Because you are not considering carefully the consequences of your "step
1".  (...)

FOOBAR = $(info $(FOO))
$(eval $(call FOOBAR))

We expand the inner call function first, which is here equivalent to
just $(FOOBAR).  This results in the info function being invoked and the
result of that expansion is the empty string:

$(eval )

Now we eval that and do nothing.

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