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Question about target files

From: Faruk Kuşcan
Subject: Question about target files
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 17:05:17 +0200


I'm new to make. I'm trying to write a makefile which looks at ../src/
directory and looks for updated cpp, c, hpp, h, ipp files. If they are
updated then I want to do the recipe. I wrote following lines. : ../src/*.cpp ../src/*.c ../src/*.h ../src/*.hpp ../src/*.ipp

However my problem is this; in some cases I don't have .c files or .h files.
But I may have sometimes. I don't know about that. So I want to write all
possibilities. Make looks at the directory and then tells me "there is no
*.h file in that directory" . How can I handle this?


Good day.

Faruk Kuscan

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