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RE: the gun make code

From: John Calcote
Subject: RE: the gun make code
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 16:04:44 -0600

Hi Luyang,

It's well understood by the community that example code is one area where
the GNU manuals are lacking. The trouble is that the GNU efforts are mostly
volunteer and the people who contribute barely have enough time to write the
reference material. We thank them for their efforts. Nevertheless, there are
resources available on the Internet where good example code and tutorials
can be found. One of my favorites is the "Ask Mr. Make" series by folks at
Electric Cloud:

Other examples can be found as well, now that you know what you're looking

Good luck!

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Subject: the gun make code
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 hello, my name is luyang ,I am from china, I am a new linux programmer.
Recently, I read the book of GNU MAKE
<>. The book is very
good ,but it's because there are now code of the example in this book ,so is
hard to me to understand some point. So ,I want to ask you, if you have the
example code ,and can you give me a copy. I hope you reply. At the same time
, I very sorry about my poor english.
  thanks you.
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