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why does blank have to be deferred when eval'd?

From: Mark Galeck (CW)
Subject: why does blank have to be deferred when eval'd?
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011 15:53:22 -0700


I want to substitute a blank, to go from "1 2" to "1to2",  like this:

empty :=
from:= $(empty) $(empty) #blank character
#from := $(empty)nonspace$(empty)

define VAR
WORDS := 1$(from)2
$$(info $$(subst $(from),to,$$(WORDS)))

$(eval $(VAR))

This does not work: it produces "1 2to".  To get the desired result, I have to 
use $$(from) instead of $(from), which should not be necessary, since from 
variable is established before eval.

Indeed, if I use the non-blank from (comment out the first from and uncomment 
the second one), then everything works as expected, I don't need $$(from)


Thank you,


You can go to this Wiki page for information about FI-SX Diagnostics:

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