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RE: updating target at the end of recipe, after updating prerequisites,

From: Mark Galeck (CW)
Subject: RE: updating target at the end of recipe, after updating prerequisites, might not work?
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:13:52 -0800

Thank you everybody for the advanced discussion from which I learnt a lot.

To answer Eli's question about the usage situation, I had a target which was a 
.tar file, and it's prerequisites were symbolic links put in one directory and 
pointing to various places.  

Even though the filesystem supports sub-second timestamps, the tar utility 
making the target did not and half of the time rounds the time backwards to the 
nearest second.  However, the ln -s command sets up the modify timestamp of the 
link to sub-second resolution.  And I was using MAKEFLAGS := -LrR so that the 
timestamps of the links themselves mattered.  

So I would build, .tar file gets created, and then I build again without any 
other changes, sometimes gets created again based on the backwards rounding.  

As for .LOW_RESOLUTION_TIME, it is a recent feature, I am actually using emake, 
mostly compatible with make, but not necessarily yet available or installed by 
IT on my server with the latest revision compatibility of GNU Make.  Can't use 

My current solution is to just put sleep 1 when I need it - this problem only 
happens in recipes which do not have to be executed fast.  

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