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Should this makefile really hang make?

From: Bryan Ischo
Subject: Should this makefile really hang make?
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 13:30:27 -0800
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I'm trying to use .SECONDEXPANSION to create pattern rules for which the prerequisites list is a function of the target. But things don't work exactly as I expect. Here is an example of a makefile that causes make to apparently enter an infinite loop:

all: foo.a
%.a: $$(@:%.a=%.o)

I can't understand why make would go into an infinite loop with the above. Shouldn't it be using the pattern rule to generate this rule:

foo.a: $(@:%.a=%.o)

and then doing a second expansion of $(@:%.a=%.o) with $@ equal to foo.a?

And if so, wouldn't that result in a prerequisite of foo.o?

Here is another example:

.PRECIOUS: %.c %.o

all: foo.a

    echo > $@

%.o: %.c
    gcc -o $@ -c $<

%.a: $$(patsubst %.a,%.o,$$@)
    ar cr $@ $^

This makefile produces this output:

echo > %.c
gcc -o %.o -c %.c
ar cr foo.a %.o

So make is using the pattern rule for %.a when figuring out how to build foo.a, but in the substitution that it does to determine the prerequisites it is using % instead of foo. I don't get it.


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