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Need help regards the built-in rules.

From: Nallam Trinadh
Subject: Need help regards the built-in rules.
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:11:41 +0530

Hi Folks,

Yesterday i ran into a strange problem.

I have the following source structure:


we are using the Imakefile mechanism and all the template files are in 

I have two sources in the above format.



When i do make in source2/newModule i got the following error:

stop in Makefile. no rule to make target "

But the same is working fine when i do it from source1.
I have checked all the files in all folders and both are same.

I have attached here the output when i ran "make -d " from both sources.

    No implicit rule found for 
    Finished prerequisites of target file 
   Must remake target 
   No rule to make target 
   *** stop in Makefile

      Trying implicit prerequisite 
    No implicit rule found for 
    Finished prerequisites of target file 
   No need to remake target 
   Considering target file 

In the case of SOURCE1, we have "Must remake target" for file,Imake.tmpl, 
whereas in case of SOURCE2 we have "No need to remake target".

Could you tell me based on which flags/rules will this (Must 
remake...or...No need to remake) be decided?

I am using   RHEL 5.4  and make version is  GNU Make 3.81.

- Imake.tmpl is a template file based on which the Makefile(s) will be 
generated using Imakefile.
-  Each folder has it's own Imakefile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Nallam Trinadh

Senior Software Engineer | IBS Software Services (P) Ltd.
NILA | 5th Floor | Technopark | Trivandrum,
Kerala | Pin- 695581 | INDIA.

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