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RE: Make detects warning as errors

From: Warlich, Christof
Subject: RE: Make detects warning as errors
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:01:18 +0100

This is most probably not due to make, but due to your compiler:
Have you checked the exit code of the call to fcc907s? Anything
else but a zero exit code will cause make to stop.

I'm just guessing here, but check the command line options -w 6
and -cwno, maybe one of them causes your compiler to exit with a
non-zero exit code similar to the -Werror option of gcc.

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Subject: Make detects warning as errors

In some projects (but not in all) when i compile it make detects warning as
errors and stops the build, but i dont' want this!
Can someone help me, plase?

I'm using GNU make 3.81 and below a compile LOG:

**** Build of configuration Release for project Solista-Engine ****

make pre-build main-build
rm -rf  "C:\_da\Solista\_SkMacc\SkMk\PerBoot\ABS\SolSKMak338.mhx" "C:\_da
\Solista\_SkMacc\SkMk\PerBoot\ABS\SolSKMak338.abs" "C:\_da\Solista\_SkMacc

Building file: C:/_da/Solista/germania.c
Compiling C source files
fcc907s -cpu MB96F338USA -w 6 -Xdof -cwno -INF srcin -D NO_RTOS -U NO_RTOS
-I "C:\Softune\rtos\907\syslib" -I "C:\Softune\lib\907\include" -I "C:\_da
\Solista" -I "C:\_da\Solista\_SkMacc" -I "C:\_da\Solista\_SkMacc\SkMk" -I
"C:\_da\Solista\_SkMacc\Include96" -I "C:\_da\Solista\trasmissione" -I
"C:\_da\Solista\utility" -O 4 -K SPEED -K UNROLL -K LIB -K EOPT -K NOADDSP
-B -model LARGE -o "Solista/germania.o" "C:/_da/Solista/germania.c"
*** c:\_da\solista\germania.c(751) W1352C: initialization incompatible
pointer types from `const SELEZIONE1*' to `const struct
StrutturaSelezione4*const ': `Germania_L01'
make: *** [Solista/germania.o] Error 1

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