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Documentation bug in Make Manual

From: Nicholas Clark
Subject: Documentation bug in Make Manual
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2018 13:04:18 -0600

So I was reading through the (excellent) documentation for GNU Make, and I
noticed something that might be a bug - or maybe misleading?

The Makefile Conventions section has this page on 'variables for
installation directories' (,
which talks about $(prefix), $(DESTDIR), and friends.

Near the middle of the page there's an entry for 'runstatedir', which is
listed as existing in Autoconf 2.70 and higher. The catch is that there
doesn't seem to be an Autoconf 2.70 anywhere that I can find. Looks like
there hasn't been an Autoconf release in 6 years.

Is autoconf dead? Would it make sense to remove the reference from the Make


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