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Octave version 0.75.1 released

From: John Eaton
Subject: Octave version 0.75.1 released
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 93 18:39:47 EDT

Octave version 0.75.1 is now available for ftp from
in the directory /pub/octave.  Compressed and gzipped tar files are
available, as are diffs relative to version 0.74.

PLEASE NOTE:  As of version 0.75, we are only distributing gzipped
files because we no longer have room to distribute both compressed
and gzipped files.

Binaries for DECstation and SPARCstation systems are available.

Binaries for other systems will be made available as time permits, or
as others make them available to us.  If you would like help out by
making binaries available for other systems, please contact

Octave's Texinfo documentation is much more complete, but could
still use a lot of work.  Any comments on the organization and
content, as well as any changes or corrections, are more than welcome.
If you are interested in working on the manual, please contact

Here's a summary of other changes for version 0.75:

  * The history function now prints line numbers by default.  The
    command `history -q' will  omit them.

  * The clear function now accepts regular expressions.

  * If gplot (or gsplot) are given strings to plot, and the string
    names a file, Octave attempts to plot the contents of the file.

  * New functions:


      run_history  -- run commands from the history list.
      edit_history -- edit commands from the history list with your
                      favorite editor.

    linear algebra:

      balance         -- Balancing for algebraic and generalized
                         eigenvalue problems.
      givens          -- Givens rotation.
      is_square       -- Check to see if a matrix is square.
      is_symmetric    -- Check to see if a matrix is symmetric.
      qzhess          -- QZ decomposition of the matrix pencil (a - lambda b).
      qzval           -- Generalized eigenvalues for real matrices.
      syl             -- Sylvester equation solver.

    control systems:

      abcddim         -- Check dimensions of linear dynamic system [A,B,C,D].
      is_controllable -- Check to see if [A,B,C,D] is controllable.
      is_observable   -- Check to see if [A,B,C,D] is observable.
      are             -- Solve algebraic Ricatti equation.
      dare            -- Solve discrete-time algebraic Ricatti equation.
      lqe             -- Kalman filter design for continuous linear system.
      lqr             -- Linear Quadratic Regulator design.
      lyap            -- Solve Lyapunov equation.
      dlyap           -- Solve discrete Lyapunov equation.
      tzero           -- Compute the transmission zeros of [A,B,C,D].

Virtually all of the programs obtained by our sampling | John W. Eaton
procedure were written in FORTRAN.  -- Donald E. Knuth | address@hidden

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