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Problems with Gnuplot

From: dietmar . spanke
Subject: Problems with Gnuplot
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 09:29:38 +0100

I am running octave 2.0.13 under Cygwin32 Beta19 on an Win-NT-System.

I'd like to do some script like this

for i = 1:300
   #claculate x,y
   plot (x,y)

every time I try this, I got this error message

C:\octave\bin\octave.bin 1050> Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

segmentation fault

The  number of iteration until the error occurs differs between 2 and 17.
I read the message from 23. June 98 and deleted the files in \tmp\. But
that did not work.
I tried to remove every iteration  all files in /tmp/ and to do a
'closeplot' after each plot but nothing works.

Thank you for any good ideas


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