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Re: Tutorial on Oct files

From: Quentin H. Spencer
Subject: Re: Tutorial on Oct files
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 14:46:17 -0600
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I have taken Per's suggestion, and created a preliminary version of a C++ Quick Reference at . This contains just things I use on a regular basis and I'm sure there are many more things that could be added, and many different ways of doing the same thing. I welcome additions or improvements in the formatting (I wanted a side-by-side table, but the wiki doesn't suppport that). I think eventually it might make sense to combine this with an updated version of the Da Coda al Fine document to create a definitive reference manual for C programming with Octave.


Per Persson wrote:

that would be an excellent initiative :-)

I think the octave wiki ( ) would be a good place to keep such a reference. That way it would be accessible even while under construction and, hopefully, others would chip in with bits and pieces of information.


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