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Re: about script file

From: geraint
Subject: Re: about script file
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 13:33:30 +0000

> From: myong <address@hidden>
> I write a script file that name is "function.m", I want to use 
> "source()" command to execute function.m file.
> so, I use command: source(function.m)
> but error occur:  "parse error:"
> what is mean?

The parse error is because the source function expects a string as its 
argument, so you should instead write

However, if you have a function named "function" in your file function.m you 
are likely to run into problems because "function" is an Octave keyword.

In general, if you have a file named, say, myfile.m, you can get Octave to read 
it in just by typing "myfile" at the prompt. The source function should only be 
required if your filename is not of the form (*.m).


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