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Q: Document with definition of Octave ASCII format?

From: Riccardo Bernardini
Subject: Q: Document with definition of Octave ASCII format?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 14:57:12 +0200

I do not know if this is the best place where to post my question, but
I could not find nothing which could seem more appropiate to me.

My question: I need to read from Ruby the files in ASCII format saved
by Octave.  I figured out (more or less) the file structure by looking
at the saved files, but I am afraid of forgetting something (for
example, it was just by chance that I discovered that Octave does not
save scalars as 1x1 matrices).  Is there somewhere a (more or less)
formal specification of the Octave format? 

Thank you in advance

Riccardo Bernardini

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