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Re: how to make Octave find ATLAS BLAS?

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: how to make Octave find ATLAS BLAS?
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 11:28:22 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> I use this for the Debian packages:
> # default to blas, atlas can overload where available (see README.Debian)
> atlas           = --with-blas=/usr/lib/ \
>                   --with-lapack=/usr/lib/
> [...]
>         ./configure             \
> [...]
>                   $(atlas)      \
> [...]
> So you could try to point to them directly. Also, you can "extract" the
> relevant code from the configure script and try it directly in a smaller
> shell script if you want to accelerate the trial and error process.

Thanks.  That is very helpful.  My only remaining problem (possibly) is
that I don't have any *.so files.  I have only the files listed below, and
I'm not sure which I should be using in the "--with-blas" argument.  Is
the descrepancy caused by different file-naming conventions or am I simply
missing the needed files?  If it's just a difference of filenames, do you
know which of the files listed below should be used?

Thanks again!


The files in this archive are:

Make.<ARCH>   : The Make include file used to build these libs
SUMMARY.LOG   : The SUMMARY.LOG created by atlas_install.  Provides further
                information about the installation machine.
cblas.h       : The C header file for the C interface to the BLAS.
clapack.h     : The C header file for the C interface to LAPACK.
liblapack.a   : The LAPACK routines provided by ATLAS.  If you want a full
                lapack library, the .o in this lib can be archived into the
                f77 lapack lib without error.
libcblas.a    : The ANSI C interface to the BLAS.
libf77blas.a  : The Fortran77 interface to the BLAS.
libatlas.a    : The main ATLAS library, providing low-level routines for all
                interface libs.

Your archive may also contain additional libraries, if it has posix thread
support.  These optional libs are:

libptcblas.a    : The ANSI C interface to the threaded (SMP) BLAS.
libptf77blas.a  : The Fortran77 interface to the threaded (SMP) BLAS.

********************************* LINKING *************************************
When linking, remember that order is important.  So, if you want uniprocessor
libs, your link line would contain IN THIS ORDER:
   -LLIBDIR -llapack -lcblas -lf77blas -latlas
And if you want to utilize an SMP version, it would be:
   -LLIBDIR -llapack -lptcblas -lptf77blas -latlas

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