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running Octave scripts in the background

From: Mike Miller
Subject: running Octave scripts in the background
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 20:14:32 -0500 (CDT)

Hello again--

When I attempt to run an octave script in the background, it always fails
before producing any output.  I'm using tcsh shell under Solaris 8 and I
am executing Octave scripts with a first line that looks like this:

#!/usr/local/bin/octave -q

Say that the script is called 'octave_script', then when I execute it like

$> octave_script works but won't give me back my prompt for quite a while, but when I
execute it like this...

$> octave_script &

...I get back the prompt right away, but the job isn't running.  If I type
'jobs' at the command line, this is what I see:

[1]  + Suspended (tty output)        ./octave_script

So what's the trick to making this work?

Thanks in advance for any tips.


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