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Re: running Octave scripts in the background

From: Jonathan C. Webster
Subject: Re: running Octave scripts in the background
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 00:48:34 -0400

Mike Miller wrote:

> Hello again--
> When I attempt to run an octave script in the background, it always fails
> before producing any output.  I'm using tcsh shell under Solaris 8 and I
> am executing Octave scripts with a first line that looks like this:
> #!/usr/local/bin/octave -q
> Say that the script is called 'octave_script', then when I execute it like
> this....
> $> octave_script
> works but won't give me back my prompt for quite a while, but when I
> execute it like this...
> $> octave_script &
> ...I get back the prompt right away, but the job isn't running.  If I type
> 'jobs' at the command line, this is what I see:
> [1]  + Suspended (tty output)        ./octave_script
> So what's the trick to making this work?

Hi Mike,
My approach  was to run the octave jobs  from a shell script that I started
in the background with the at daemon.
I use bash under linux, so it might be  a little different , but in .bashrc I

alias run000='at -f /home/jcw/model0/ -m now'

Then that script  would invoke octave.

octave -q  run000.m

Actually the shell script wrote the octave scripts from a template, plugging
in the correct values with sed.  The octave runs themselves would each write
a line into a .csv  file suitable for importing into a database as well as
properly labeled files suitable for plotting.  One shell script can run a lot
octave scripts.  You can plan a whole day's work for your computer while you
go do something else.

Hope that helps,

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