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Re: Java interface to Octave

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Java interface to Octave
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 15:17:36 -0400
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David Smith wrote:

3. I also couldn't find any info on what the user interface is doing when I create a plot file. It seems to allow me to zoom in, but I can't seem to get "un-zoomed."

Type u in the graph window.  Note that if you cannot
zoom the graph then you can type 'm' to get into mouse
mode, and you don't have to modify your scripts to say
gset mouse.

This info is available by starting gnuplot 3.8i directly,
typing the following to get a plot window
> plot sin(x)
then typing 'h' in the plot window. When the octave wiki
comes back up, we need to add this info there:

<B1>               print coordinates to clipboard using `clipboardformat`
                   (see keys '3', '4')
<B2> annotate the graph using `mouseformat` (see keys '1', '2')
                   or draw labels if `set mouse labels is on`
<Ctrl-B2> remove label close to pointer if `set mouse labels` is on
<B3>               mark zoom region (only for 2d-plots).
<B1-Motion> change view (rotation). Use <ctrl> to rotate the axes only. <B2-Motion> change view (scaling). Use <ctrl> to scale the axes only.
<Shift-B2-Motion>  vertical motion -- change ticslevel

Space         raise gnuplot console window
q             quit X11 terminal

a             `builtin-autoscale` (set autoscale keepfix; replot)
b             `builtin-toggle-border`
e             `builtin-replot`
g             `builtin-toggle-grid`
h             `builtin-help`
l `builtin-toggle-log` y logscale for plots, z and cb logscale for
L             `builtin-nearest-log` toggle logscale of axis nearest cursor
m             `builtin-toggle-mouse`
r             `builtin-toggle-ruler`
1             `builtin-decrement-mousemode`
2             `builtin-increment-mousemode`
3             `builtin-decrement-clipboardmode`
4             `builtin-increment-clipboardmode`
5             `builtin-toggle-polardistance`
6             `builtin-toggle-verbose`
7             `builtin-toggle-ratio`
n             `builtin-zoom-next` go to next zoom in the zoom stack
p             `builtin-zoom-previous` go to previous zoom in the zoom stack
u             `builtin-unzoom`
Right `builtin-rotate-right` only for splots; <shift> increases amount
Up            `builtin-rotate-up` only for splots; <shift> increases amount
Left `builtin-rotate-left` only for splots; <shift> increases amount Down `builtin-rotate-down` only for splots; <shift> increases amount
Escape        `builtin-cancel-zoom` cancel zoom region

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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