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From: branganj
Subject: exit
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 21:53:26 +0100

I'm trying to modify the octave source code with mpi.
For this I need to have MPI_Finalize(); at the end of the code.
But I'm having difficulty find the end of the code.
So far the exits I can see are exit(), clean_up_and_exit().

I thought if I put the finalize thing in the exit() function, that would work 
(because that is called by clean_up_and_exit(), from what I see in

But I can't find the exit.c file, which I think should be there, because with 
gdb, I did break exit and it said sth about exit.c line 40.
Does anybody know where this is?
I tried using find, but it didn't work for me.

Does this sound like a good idea??  Or are there more exits?
Is it a different exit when exit is typed at the octave prompt?

Also I saw a my_friendly_exit() in, which calls a 
clean_up_for_exit() but not exit() (clean_up_and_exit() calls both) ????

Is there another way?
(Or if I stick it at the end of main(), would that work?)

Thanks to anybody with any ideas,

Jill L. Brangan.

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