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Re: Parametric plots

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Parametric plots
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 19:27:54 -0400
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John B. Thoo wrote:

Hi. I'm sorry if this is a FAQ. In gnuplot, parametric plots (in 2D) are accomplished by, e.g.,

   gnuplot> plot [t=0:2] t**2 - t - 1, sin (2*pi*t)

but I couldn't do the same in Octave using "gset parametric" and "gplot":

octave:1> gset parametric
octave:2> gplot [t=0:2] t**2 - t - 1, sin (2*pi*t)
parse error:

>>> gplot [t=0:2] t**2 - t - 1, sin (2*pi*t)

octave:2> gplot [t=0:2] "t**2 - t - 1, sin (2*pi*t)"
warning: can't make 2D parametric plot -- setting noparametric...
         line 0: undefined variable: t


How do I plot parametric equations in Octave? Thanks.

graw("arbitrary gnuplot command\n")

Paul Kienzle

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