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graphin problems

From: Javier Gonzalez
Subject: graphin problems
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 23:30:50 -0700
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I have been trying to test the graphing tools of octave. I am running a
linux machine, and when I press the command gplot rand(100,1), which is
shown in the documentation, it gives me the following:

octave:2> gplot rand(100,1)
octave:3> sh:gnuplot:Command not found
warning: broken pipe
warning: connection to external plotter (pid=1598) lost --
warning: please try your plot command(s) again

and then I have to press enter to get the prompt again
(i.e. octave:3>)

Does anybody have a clue to what might be my problem? I am running Red
Hat 7.2 and I do not register a gnuplot in sh. However, that was not a
requirement to install this software.

any help would be great.


Javier Gonzalez
M.S. Systems Engineering
University of Arizona

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