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From: Christian T. Steigies
Subject: epstk
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 18:20:12 -0400
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I am using the eimagesc function from epsTK to create a 2D colourplot. Works
beautifully by using the demo file included in epstk as a guidance. Now I'd
like to add one (or two) lineplots to this colour image, using the same X
and Y axis from the colourplot. I tried elines, epline, eplot, but they seem
to use an axis of their own. econtour seems to be able to add lines to a
colourplot, do I have to pass a fake matrix to econtour, or is there already
a function that does what I want?

I am not tied to epstk, if there are other functions that create nice colour
plots like epstk and allow me to add line plots, I could use that.


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