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make failure: vtable for octave_value can't be auto-imported

From: THOMAS Paul Richard
Subject: make failure: vtable for octave_value can't be auto-imported
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 18:34:30 +0100

 Dear All,

I am trying to install octave-2.1.50 (same happens with 2.1.53) on the
latest Cygwin (downloaded on friday - g++ 3.31 cygming special) and make
gets as far as trying to link balance.oct, when it comes up with:

balance.o(.text+0xdff): In function '_Z8balanceRK17octave_value_listi':
/octave-2.1.50/src/ov.h:216: variable 'vtable for octave_value' can't be
auto-imported.  Please read the documentation for ld's --enable-auto-import
for details.

It then repeats this message for a number of other occurrences.  

I read the documentation, which offers three potential get arounds but will
require some time to figure out how to do them.

Does anybody have a fix ready to go?


Paul Thomas  

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