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matlab compatibility issue

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: matlab compatibility issue
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 14:42:07 -0600

On 26-Feb-2004, Robert Kirchner <address@hidden> wrote:

| When I try to run (in octave) some function files which I previously 
| wrote for Matlab, I get the message: "error: can't perform indexing 
| operations for <unknown type> type".  I've tried this in normal octave 
| and --traditional mode, both with and without an "endfunction" 
| statement.  Any idea what's causing this, before I go through a 
| time-intensive line-by-line testing?

Without more information, I don't think anyone can fix the problem or
tell you what you might be able to do to work around it.

The error messages should give you enough information (line and column
numbers and file/function names) to allow you to track down the
location of the initial error.

The "endfunction" token is completely optional in Octave .m files, so
I doubt that it is related to the problem you are having.  Why did you
think it might be related?  This is a serious question, as I have now
seen several statements that indicate people think that Octave
requires "endfunction" to mark the end of a function.  Is there some
statement in the manual or on an Octave web page somewhere that gives
this false impression?



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