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Re: Complex results from real calculation

From: Fabian
Subject: Re: Complex results from real calculation
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 05:57:16 -0600

>Geordie McBain 
> ...
> The troposphere only extends up to h=11e3 (not 100e3) after that
> it's the stratosphere in which the temperature is constant. 

I cannot agree.

As the name 'stratosphere' indicates, the atmospheric layers
are there 'stratified' because the temperature strongly increases
as a result of ozone formation and resulting enhanced absorption.
Temperature raises up to the stratopause height ( about 50km ),
where it comes close to ground temperature again (about 270 K).
Between 50 to 90 km altitude  T drops again and reaches an overall
minimum at the mesopause region (85-90 km). Over there, in certain 
regions of the atmosphere,  temperature may be as cold as 100 K (!).
These extreme minima occur sometimes in the mesosphere above
the summer hemisphere polar region.

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