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Re: doubts about functions declared in parse.h ...

From: Alberto Francisco Martin Huertas
Subject: Re: doubts about functions declared in parse.h ...
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:05:07 +0100
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| If you convert the script to a function, you don't need to source it
| first.  You can just call it by name with feval.

My function´s file directory isn´t contained in the LOADPATH built-in variable,
because it has a random-generated name, and I would rather to source this
function file than modify the value of LOADPATH in my C++ function.   

| If it is just sending data, then why don't you just have it write a
| data file?

I haven´t written the application which the SMP cluster runs, so I can´t produce
a data file to hold the results instead of a m-file. Furthermore, having a
m-file simplifies my C++ function, because Octave´s libraries (feval) perform
the computation of the file (instead of my C++ function if I used a data file)
. Alberto.        

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