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Re: Status of octave on Fedora

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: Status of octave on Fedora
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 14:41:18 -0600
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E. Joshua Rigler wrote:

I am curious about the "non-broken" versions of blas and lapack you provide. Can you summarize what fixes have been applied, or point to relevant
discussions on this or other lists?

The main problem with these libraries as included with Fedora Core 3 was that some optimizations in GCC (version 3.4.2) caused them to not work at all. The fix is a change in compiler flags. The RPMs at Dmitri's ftp server are ones he put there from RHEL, but other updated versions are available from the "development" tree of the Fedora download server. There have been several threads on this and the other octave lists in the last few months, usually regarding some linear algebra function (eig, svd, etc.) going into an infinite loop and not returning, all of which have been caused by this problem. For more specific information, see the recent bugs filed on RedHat's bugzilla related to lapack (there are at least 2-3 of them IIRC). Compiling blas and lapack on Fedora Core 4 should be interesting because GCC 4 is the default compiler--I haven't tried it yet.


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