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Re: eignenvalue for nonsymmetric matrix

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: eignenvalue for nonsymmetric matrix
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 11:21:49 -0500
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Marino Kekana wrote:

I have installed gnu octave version 2.1.67 together with octave-
forge-2004.09.09 on fedora core 3. I want to solve the eigenproblem of
a non-symmetric full matrix. Octave gives me the following error:
error: dgeev failed to converge. The sample problem is below.

octave:1> stiff = [1,2,3,4;5,6,7,8;9,10,11,12;13,14,15,16]
stiff =

  1   2   3   4
  5   6   7   8
  9  10  11  12
 13  14  15  16

octave:2> eig(stiff)
error: dgeev failed to converge
This is a problem with the lapack library that comes with Fedora Core 3. Download and install the blas and lapack packages at

and your problem should go away.


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