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Re: Setting y-axis scale with axis();

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: Setting y-axis scale with axis();
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 14:11:45 -0600
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on 4/25/05 1:47 PM, Geraint Paul Bevan at address@hidden wrote:

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> Joe Koski wrote:
>> ... how can you, for example, let the x-axis be
>> automatic, and set limits for the y-axis only? I couldn't find an
>> example of
>> that usage of axis.
>> (I'm still trying to replace all of my old gset commands with "proper
>> Octave.")
>> Joe
> If you set the x axis to something arbitrary along with the other axes
> that you wish to control, you can then autoscale the x axis:
> octave> x = -pi:pi/20:pi; y = sin (x);
> octave> plot (x,y);
> octave> axis ([0,1,-1.5,+1.5])
> octave> axis ("auto x")
> - --
> Geraint Bevan

Thanks, Geraint. That was exactly what I needed.


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