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Put fitting results/parameters on the plot/graph?

From: Sun, Mingzhai
Subject: Put fitting results/parameters on the plot/graph?
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 11:59:18 -0500
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 The problem I have is the following:

 for i=1:10
  output_filename=["result", i, ".ps"]
  gset output output_filename #Here is one problem!!!!!!!!
  gset terminal postscript
  gset label "i=%g", i at graph 0, 0.2 #Another problem!!!!!!!
  grid on
  plot(x, y)

As I indicated above, there are two problems. 
1. I can not change the output file name as the loop goes on. Actually 
what I really got is: "output_filename". What I really want is to have
file names, etc. 
2. I want to put the i's value on the graph, so that I can which i value 
the graph is corresponding to. But octave told me that "i" is not undefined

I searched using google, but I could not get the solution for these two

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


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