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Re: octave to matlab conversion

From: Ben Barrowes
Subject: Re: octave to matlab conversion
Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 20:08:12 -0400
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I support octave. Additionally, I think that it is very worthwhile to aim for compatibility with ML. ML survives (and thrives) because it posesses advantages and capabilities over other languages that makes it a great environment to prototype, develope, design, and compute. While it is pricey, its advantages continue to be sufficient to justify the cost for many users. Octave has gained notoriety and a ready made user base due to its aim to be compatible with ML. At the same time, octave is not bound to be _only_ a ML compatible environment and does innovate in many ways beyond what ML provides. Abandoning ML compatibility is not something I would recommend.


Zdenek Hurak wrote:

I would like to express my support to John and others in that Octave is not
to be regarded as a Matlab clone! Well, it is quite obvious that this compatibility with Matlab has earned quite a lot of users to Octave software, on the other hand, the whole project should evolve in its own direction now.
Otherwise, Octave will always be the second (or even worse), never being the
one who brings innovation. Just the one who takes ideas from others... (I
even find it a bit unfair to Matlab producers). A toy for students.
But this would be a pitty since I believe that Octave is perfectly prepared
to be a versatile tool for innovation in scientific computing.
Scilab project has abandoned these requirements on compatibility with Matlab
and I don't think it has brought any harm to them. They are free in their
development of the whole system.

Best regards from Prague,
Zdenek Hurak

Ben Barrowes wrote:

Does anyone have a handy piece of code to convert octave-style m-files to
matlab-style m-files?

This is becoming relevant as octave's source is many times used in a
matlab setting when one does not want to buy ML toolboxes, case in point,
the statistics or signal processing toolboxes. Or at times when
octave-style source is better/more available than the corresponding ML

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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