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Re: save and reload plots

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Re: save and reload plots
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:16:21 -0500
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Corbin Champion wrote:

I am surprised with this response. There is a save and load command in gnuplot...

<excerpt from guide to using gnuplot>
The option that GnuPlot gives for saving work is the save command. If you type the following:
save "mywork.gnu"
GnuPlot will then create a text file with the name you gave it that includes set commands for every possible setting in GnuPlot. You can then load this file to continue work where you left off.
<end excerpt>

And load, loads that filename.

I was wondering, has someone has done this before or if there is already an octave command for doing this, save and load.

How about there way to send any arbitrary command to gnuplot. ie, what if I want to send to gnuplot "save temp.gnu". Is there a function for sending any command to gnuplot? If so, I can probably rig this up.

The __gnuplot_raw__ command may be what you're looking for.


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